Lifecraft Beta #5 is available on Steam!

  • Post published:January 2, 2024

Download the beta on steam

Lifecraft Beta Download

This beta is introducing another game mode which is adventure, in which you can control a character (which will be customizable in the future). It’s not finished so for now it’s just a WIP. Enjoy!

  • Added experimental adventure mode with a character that can be controlled
  • Added a placeholder door structure necessary to let players move between zones in adventure mode
  • Added connexon to build gap junctions between different intracellular zones
  • Dispatchers can’t be placed on cell membrane anymore (to simplify)
  • Pickers can’t be placed on extracellular tissues anymore
  • Multiple item drag is now implicit on structures which only act as source
  • Advanced new game options have been moved in their own view
  • Added tooltip to warn when a recipe can’t be produced inside a zone
  • Added world generation setting for darkness intensity
  • Added option to disable auto pause on load game
  • Added fix to sensibility of pickup while dragging with right mouse button
  • Force pickup modifier now doesn’t alternate dropping item when hand is full
  • Added validation of starting area to avoid locked out situations

A lot of engine code has been changed for future features so it’s possible there could be some issues, don’t forget to report them in Discord!

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