Flow Graph Algorithms

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  • Post published:June 23, 2022
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While working on alpha v0.0.1b (you can get alpha 0.0.1a in Discord just in case you are interested, we didn’t go totally public because it’s not ready for the outside world yet 🫣), I’m also spending some time in studying how to move substances between vessels, let them be blood (circulation, food (digestion), air (respiration), and such.

Each subsystem will work in a different way but there must be consistent way to define how things will move inside the network of vessels, especially because there will be freedom for the player to build any kind of layout they want. In addition there are multiple dimensions for each kind of pipeline, which adds to complexity.

It’s really hard to have something consistent and efficient at the same time, but it’s so cool to see the result directly draw inside the game!

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